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yuri fetish rpers wanted
I'm looking for Yuri rpers who can rp...
foot fetish
mistress and slave
monster girl encycopedia
school setting
mnonster girl inn
and i'm willing to try new things.
:iconyurigirlalicia:yurigirlAlicia 3 41
Are we really friends
Are they really your friends? Online friends can be a great things. That helps you connect with different cultures and learn about someone you never met. You can talk about things you enjoy and just have a good time. You can share pictures and even meet in chat rooms and stuff. I’m happy I have so many internet friends.
Through the years though, you begin to learn that not all who say they are your friends are. Some just want toyu for certain things. Like the ones who befriend the artist for that free gifts or request or the ones who befriend photographers so they can ask for some person pics. Rpers have friends as well but some are better than others. Of you stop giving them what they want they’ll leave you.
Rpers learn that some friends want you for the rp. They will gladly leave you if they find someone better. There are also the ones who will befriend you until they get what they want and then never talk to you again. Artist get friends just for the gift, If they never
:iconyurigirlalicia:yurigirlAlicia 3 24
An rper's tears
Being an rper is like being a salesman.You're only as good as your merchandise. Most people don't give a damn who you are, they only want the coolest thing. As soona s your stuff get’s old or boring, they’ll just move on. They don't care about you, only what you have to have to offer. You're only there to fill their request and nothing else. There are rare times where you get a loyal customers and their awesome, but their very few. Others beat you down. Bring me my shit, why haven't you shipped it yet, where is it. Even though you're only reading it, you know that they want their item now.
Waking up with notes begging for a reply and nothing else. People who you only see once and then they disappear. When they don;t like your style they just leave you alone. I once heard that rpers have the toughest job on Da, trying to please people who only want to use you for sexual fantasies and run off. I’m starting to see it.
I will admit i’m not the best and I should try
:iconyurigirlalicia:yurigirlAlicia 7 72
Hilda Cross (tickle/fetish rp oc) by yurigirlAlicia Hilda Cross (tickle/fetish rp oc) :iconyurigirlalicia:yurigirlAlicia 13 13
Tickle/ fetish/ Romance rp F/f only (Sorry)
Well Rp time with Alicia.
Things I will do
- Fetish
- Tickling
-Monster girls/mamono (link in description)
- Yuri
-anime, VG, oc's
:iconyurigirlalicia:yurigirlAlicia 2 36


Skippu's frilly dress by Skippy-Draws-Art Skippu's frilly dress :iconskippy-draws-art:Skippy-Draws-Art 6 2 Random drawing  Liliraune by ibenz009 Random drawing Liliraune :iconibenz009:ibenz009 426 24
My rp show/game list
my rp list..
cartoons/ western shows:
-Adventure Time
-Teen titans
-Steven Universe
-Scott pilgrim
- Marvel+ DC
-Fairy tail
-One Peice
- Lucky Star
- Rosario Vampire
- Madoka Magica
- Katekyo hitman reborn
- Dragonball Z
-Zatch Bell
- Full metal Alchemist
- To love ru
- Clannad
-Highschool DXD
- Soul Eater
- Hellsing
- Tenchi Muyo
- Love Hina
- Devil may Cry
- Marvel vs. Capcom
- Dark stalkers
- Final Fantasy
- Blazblue
- Guilty Gear
- Skullgirls
- Persona
- Street Fighter/tekken/Soulcalibur/Dead or alive
- Sonic
- pokrmon/digimon
- yu gi oh
- Heartstone
- Monster girl Quest/ encyclopedia
-The tales of series
Resident Evil
- Mortal Kombat
:iconthesilentrper:thesilentrper 7 56
An introduction
A bio for a real person.....interesting.
Name: Charles or Silent
age 20
sexuality: straight
occupation: none
School: College CSN
ethicity: African American
Country: United States
State: Nevada
Hobbies/ stuff
Music: Rock music mainly Braknig Benjamin, Within Temptation, Korn
T.V. shows: Fairy Tail, Naruto, Bleach, One Peice, Clannad+AS, Highschool DXD, Rosario Vampire, To Love Ru and more. I mnainly like action, comedy and Harems.
Food: I like apples, BBQ food like ribs and burgers, pasta and M&M's
Games: Yu-gi-oh mainly on Devpro and salvation, Soul Calibur, Bayonetta, Street Fighter, Tekken, Skullgirls, Borderlands, No more heros.
books: I mainly read horror books and mystery novels.
outside hobbies: hamging out with friends, playing soccer and baseball, walknig around Vegas, having a good time.
Things about my rps.
- I do f/f
:iconthesilentrper:thesilentrper 1 3
Koori's new look by KarinMarker Koori's new look :iconkarinmarker:KarinMarker 10 4
Bridge's you burned
It’s been such a long time. There has been no words, no sound or so sight. There was once a bridge we crossed to see each other but you stopped coming. I waited months for you but still no word. No hi, a glance or even  a way of letting me know how you felt. Then, I finally snapped.
When we met again I asked for an explanation. I got one, but not the one I wanted to hear. I got boring, you thought of me as neutral. you had separate yourself from me.From that moment I felt something die. We knew each other for a long time but you didn;t care. you never did. I always asked you how you were or just a hi, I got nothing. You burned out bridge with a smile and moved on. I have more bridges to others, but one bridge still means a lot to me.
:iconthescarlethuntress:thescarlethuntress 7 61
Commission Liliraune TFTG by ibenz009 Commission Liliraune TFTG :iconibenz009:ibenz009 3,036 148


I'm planning on making a long list of rp starters. I was wonderingf if you guys had suggestions aswell.


United States


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